Magda's Money incentives to shop!

After you donate a bag of good condition items when you shop, your items are curated 3 times. Credits are assessed within a week of your appointment and you'll receive an email with your Magda's money for the next time you shopPerfect/new items are used for the inventory, gently used items go into the grab-bag and items we can't use are sourced to charity.


Using your Magda's money!


Shop solo and use half once you spend $50. 

The other half roll over the next time you shop. 


Invite a friend who shops with you, once you spend $50 use the entire amount toward your purchases.



Magda's money is an incentive, NOT exchange or consignment. 


Magda's Style Room benefits if your selected items sell. We want them to! There is no guarantee your selected items will sell and often they can be re-sourced, or take a long time before selling. Magda's money is based on the chance that they sell, not the guarantee.

Shoppers range in size and style preferences so some items move more quickly than others. Thanks for donating a bag since this is a great incentive that supports sustainable fashion by sourcing clothes better!


HOST a Shop party and get $50 in FREE FASHION!